We are pleased to announce that in August/September 2020 we will be hosting a special online contest in mental calculation! This is to replace the usual championship, which has unfortunately had to be postponed until 2021.

Participants will compete in the usual three age categories:

* Juniors 1: Under 12 years old
* Juniors 2: Under 15 years old
* Seniors:   Under 20 years old

The competition will be held via video conference, with participants racing against each other to solve each calculation question. This special contest will be streamed live so that other people can try out the questions for themselves, discover something about mental calculation, and see the skills of the participants. You can invite your friends and family to watch!

All participants will be invited to a qualification round, and the top 4 participants from each age category will qualify for the final.

To prepare for the competition, we tell you that the questions will be similar to the hardest questions from the standard JMCWC categories, and you will have to type your answer. In July we will provide some examples so you know exactly what to expect.

To participate in the competition, you will need:
- to register the JMC-OC via email to wimamerkel@aol.com (name, age, country, contact email, subject of the email: JMC-OC 2020) before the deadline of 30th june 2020
- to be available on the dates below for your age category
- to appear on a video conference with a webcam showing you and your screen
 - this can be an external webcam, or you can join the call with a second device, such as a phone
 - your webcam and microphone will NOT be streamed live; the contest video conference will be private

After 30th june 2020 we will announce the exact format of the qualification round (we will make a decision based on the number of people who will compete), and further information about preparing for the contest!

Closer to the competition, we will provide details about how to watch the event live.

We look forward to seeing you later this Summer and having fun together in this new experiance!


Dates for competition:

J1-Q: Sun September 13th 1230 UTC+0000 (2.30pm Germany, 6pm India)
J2-Q: Sun September 13th 1430 UTC+0000 (4.30pm Germany, 8pm India)

J1-F: Sat September 19th 1230 UTC+0000 (2.30pm Germany, 6pm India)
SR-Q: Sat September 19th 1430 UTC+0000 (4.30pm Germany, 8pm India)

J2-F: Sun September 20th 1230 UTC+0000 (2.30pm Germany, 6pm India)
SR-F: Sun September 20th 1430 UTC+0000 (4.30pm Germany, 8pm India)



Further information: https://worldmentalcalculation.com



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