NEWS april 2017


Many news on our Website!


NEWS summer 2016

CUBE ROOT CHELLANGE !!! 2. october 2016 !!! more informations ? write an email !

NEWS August 2016

India, UAE, Kirgistan, Tuerkey, China, Swizerland, Canada, Lebanon, South Africa, Germany - Wellcome!

NEWS february 2016

Many news on our Website!

NEWS october 2015

The winners in the competion 2015 were/ Die Gewinner im Jahr 2015 waren:

Juniors 1 (up to 11 years):

Mohammad El Mir, Canada/Lebanon

Konshal Krishna LR, VAE

Mihir Shah, India

Juniors 2 (12 to 14 years):

Wenzel Grüß, Germany

Paul Ortlepp, Germany

Maximilian Krahn, Switzerland

Seniors (15 to 19 years):

Izdar Abulizi, Germany

Ricardo Lätzsch, Germany

Michael Rother, Germany

NEWS 2015 july 18th

The registration ist finished now. Participants from all over the world are exiceted to join the callenge. Kids are coming from Peru, Libanon, Netherlands, Swiss, United Arab Emirates, India and Germany.

NEWS 2015 february 10th

Informations about the next competition online!

NEWS 2014 september 2nd

55 participants from 6 different countries expected!
Official program updated!
All registered participants will recive an email with more informations within next days.

NEWS 2014 july 20th

The participant of the constest are starting for: Germany, India, Peru, Canada. We are looking for meeting you!

NEWS 2014 may 4th

The next junior mental calculation world championship 2014 takes place in BIELEFELD, Germany!

NEWS 2013 september 17th

Games and quizz for the participants and there techers and parents on oct 4th! Numbers and Fun!

NEWS 2013 september 15th

The participant of the constest are starting for: Germany, Netherlands, Czech Rep, India, China, Singapure. We are looking for meeting you!

NEWS 2013 august 28th

The registration for the contest 2013 for students is possible until august 30th, 2014 and can be made only by e-mail ./ Die Anmeldung zum Wettbewerb 2013 ist bis zum 30. August 2013 möglich und zwar nur per Email an .

NEWS 2013 august 22nd

We proudly present the new Mental Calculation World Champion George Lane and bronze medal winner Andy Robertshaw! Both are members of our team and both willl be in Munster in October! / George Lane ist neuer Weltmeister im Kopfrechnen! Andy Robertshaw gewinnt Bronze! Beide gehören zum Team, das im Oktober die Weltmeisterschaft im Kopfrechnen für Junioren veranstaltet. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

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